Complete Exhibition List


1981 ‘Stepping Out’: Student Exhibition.

1982 ‘Limited Containers’: Gryphon Gallery.

‘Student Exhibition’: 4th YR.Ceramics-Crysalis Gallery

‘Walker Ceramic Award’: Caufield Arts Center. This was a competition for  senior ceramics students Australia wide in their final year that was sponsored by Walker Ceramics. For this show we entered pieces from our final folios. In my final year I majored in Ceramics and Metal. I created Dragons for my ceramics folio and carved porcelain set in silver for my metal folio. I studied with Sandra Black for a month to learn carving techniques. The dragons really began as a way of exploring animals in a form where no one could tell you they were wrong.

1984 ‘V.C.G. Annual Show’: Caufield Arts Center

1985 ‘Bowls’: V.C.G. Exhibition-A.M.P. Building.

‘Two Man Show’: Switchback Gallery G.I.A.E. My first major exhibition was a two man show at the Switchback Gallery at Gippsland Institute of Technology which is now part of Monash University. This show was a mixture of Dragons and carved bowls directly influenced by the work I had been doing at College in my final year. All the dragons had extruded bases and all the work was completed at school or on my dining room table. Everything was fired at school in the electric kiln.

‘V.C.G. Annual Show: Caufield Arts Center

1986 ‘13 Australian Potters’: Scotchmer Gallery

‘V.C.G. Annual Show’: Caufield Arts Center.

1987 ‘Asleep or Dreaming’: One Man Show, Blackwood St Gallery M.M.C.C. Asleep or Dreaming, Blackwood St Gallery’, Meat Market Craft Centre.  This Exhibition was my first solo exhibition and introduced the birds and my drawings as well as dragons and the carved work. For many years after this show I sold work through the Craft shop. This exhibition also contained drawings and almost every show I did from then on had some works on paper as they fill the walls and compliment the work.

‘V.C.G. Annual Show’: Caufield Arts Center

1989 ‘Just Dragons’: One Man Show: Northcote Pottery Gallery. ‘Just Dragons’. The title says it all and this show was in the wood fired Kiln Gallery  at Northcote Pottery. This saw the dragons grow in size so that people could put them outside. I also changed the type of bases I was using.

‘V.C.G. Annual Show’: Caufield Arts Center

‘Relics’ Skeletal Dragons: One Man Show: V.C.G. Rooms.

‘Skeletal dragons’ the same year explored skeletons and bones. I drew them, made spine vases and reduced the dragons to their bone structure. These are still some of my favourite pieces.

1990 ‘Alice 125’: City Square.

Alice 125’ This was a major exhibition curated by who was the Director of the Gryphon Gallery at Melbourne State College. This Exhibition was in City Square and celebrated Alice in Wonderlands 125th Birthday. I loved making these sculptures and they were the largest pieces I had attempted.

1991 ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’: Stephen Fletcher Gallery-Williamstown

‘Terracotter’: Group Show : V.C.G.Rooms

‘Life Models and Friends’: Group Show: 41 Gold St.  ‘Life Models and Friends’ was a group show were I exhibited life sculptures in Terracotta created at sculpture sessions at 1C1 Community Art centre in Carlton. This is an ongoing love as I still go life drawing as often as I can and love figure sculpture.

1992 ‘Flights of Fantasy’: Group Show: Highway Gallery

1993 ‘The Avian Attraction’: One Man Show: Blackwood St Gallery. ‘The Avian Attraction’ explored Birds in all their variety. The next few years saw me working on both streams of work and increasing the size and scale of pieces.

‘Clay Fever’: V.C.G. Annual Show: M.M.C.C.

1995 ‘Return of the Dragon’: Two Person Show: Northcote Pottery Gallery

1996 ‘Parrotphernalia’: One Man Show: V.C.G. Gallery: M.M.C.C.

1998 ‘Dancers, Acrobats and Angels’: Customs Wharf Gallery. ‘Dancers Acrobats and Angels’ was my first show at Customs Wharf although I had work in their Gallery shop for many years before this. This show was the first of all figurative work and all of the pieces were small and very detailed. I wanted to get a sense of movement in the work that you cannot get from a life class. All the pieces were based on photographs as the models could never have held the poses for the time needed.

1999 ‘Things That Fly’: One man show: The Artists Garden. ‘Things that fly’ contained lots of different strands, birds, dragons and the first of the butterflies and dragonflies. I also started experimenting with how the pieces would be displayed making sculptures for on fence posts and roofs as well as in gardens.

2000 ‘Drawn Images on Clay and Paper’: Customs Wharf Gallery. Drawn Images on clay and paper ‘was the first show I ever did where all the work was functional and explored bird imagery.

2001 ‘Winged Wonders’: One man show: The Artists Garden.  ‘Winged Wonders’ again combined lots of ideas and my first fountains. This was also the first exploration of fish as I made flying fish as a fountain.

‘Creatures a la Jardin’ Two Person show: Bulleen Art and Garden

‘Statements in Sculpture’ Group Show: Skepsi Gallery

2006 ‘Injubins’ One Man Show: Northcote Pottery Gallery. ‘Injubins’ ( I do not know what the word means either like the work)was a very sculptural show where I was experimenting with glazes, shapes and distortion. I wanted to make pieces that you could not make on a wheel.

2009 ‘Fibre and Clay’ Two Person show: Bulleen Art and Garden. ‘Fibre and Clay’ was the start of my line of large Garden vases featuring butterflies. I originally created these works for my new balcony and as I sold them all I had to make more for myself. The butterflies hark back to my Year 12 Folio where I explored insects.

2012  ‘New Directions’ Two Person Show: Bulleen Art and Garden. ‘New Directions’ introduced the fish and new techniques as this was the first show featuring Raku. I have always wanted to scuba dive and as a child collected dive magazines and anything about fish so in some ways it is surprising it took the images this long to start appearing. I wanted to make fish that would swim through the plans in the garden.

2015  ‘Sculptors Exhibition’: Melbourne International Flower and Garden show.

‘Stepping Up’: Group Show, Belconnen Art Centre, Canberra.

‘Ideas Old and New’: One man show: Bulleen Art and Garden. ‘Ideas Old and new’ in the new Bolin Bolin Gallery again had shoals of fish and some groups of dragons but also featured cats and revisited the birds in the form of owls. The majority of pieces were naked raku where the smoke forms the patterns creeping through lines drawn through a glaze masks that then falls off.

2016 ‘Sculptors Exhibition’: Melbourne International Flower and Garden show.

2017 Sculptors Exhibition Melbourne International Flower and garden show

Association of Sculptors Annual awards show

2018 Sculptors Exhibition Melbourne International Flower and garden show

Sculptors Society Annual Exhibition

2019 Sculptors Exhibition Melbourne International Flower and garden show

The Menagerie: One man show Bulleen art and Garden. This show featured pieces from all my different types of animals but also introduced lizards, Koi fish and my photography.

2021 The Natural World: Group show at Bolin Bolin Gallery celebrating the life along our rivers and creeks.

2021 Christmas Group Show Bulleen Art and Garden

2022 Association of Sculptors exhibition MIFGS
Toorak Village Sculpture show
Association of Sculptors Annual Awards exhibition
‘Inspired by Gardens’ One Man show Bulleen Art and Garden


Walker Ceramic Collection: Commended Purchase-1982

Jan Feder Collection:G.I.A.E.